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Your Chance Of Contracting COVID-19 Rises 54% When You're Deficient In This 'Sunshine' Vitamin

Wochit Postables
Got milk? According to new research published in the journal PLOS-ONE, it's vital to keep one's Vitamin D levels up. That's because having a vitamin D deficiency increases your risk for getting infected with COVID-19 by more than 50%. Among over 190,000 people who had been screened for COVID-19, nearly 13% of those with insufficient levels of vitamin D tested positive for the coronavirus. Conversely, UPI reports just over 8% of those with 'adequate' vitamin D levels, and 6% of those with high levels had COVID-19. Overall, the researchers found people with 'deficient"'levels of vitamin D were at 54% higher risk of having the dangerous, highly contagious virus.